We sell high quality & food grade plastic portable mini containers/cases for you to store glitter, skincare based creams, liquidsor any other cosmetics.

White screw-fit lids secure your products from leakings.

The food graded acrylic material are very safe to use.

Each case has been sterilized before they leave the factory. However, if you still doubt it, please wash them with mild water(lower than 60°) or clean water before use.


You will get a 3ml essential oil as complementary for any 10pcs order. 





Material: Food graded plastic

Size: 30 x 30 x 15mm



Material: Food graded plastic

Size:  30 x 30 x 16mm


10g with CEHbyangel logo:

Material: Food graded plastic

Size:  38 x 33 x 19mm


3g 5g 10g Clear Food Grade Case Container White Lid