Planning a party or wedding can be a high-pressure time, even for couples with a clear vision of what they want and the budget to accomplish it. One aspect of your event that doesn't have to cause stress is choosing the gift or favors.

Go with something simple, elegant and timeless that will fit the lifestyle of virtually every guest - Aromatherapy.

In short, our aim at CEHbyangel is to provide versatile packaging at affordable prices and in quantities that suit a wide ranging customer base.

so want to give something different? bring a burst of cheer to someone you love today with our gift package!

   ‘’ making aromatherapy favors together can help a harried couple slow down, refocus and remember what's really important - that they're about to begin a wonderful life together and that the special guests they've assembled will bear witness to it all’’

Sweeten your wedding day, party or special event with unique favors from CEHbyangel. We have something for every budget, whether it's a time of celebration or you just found the perfect present for someone you love, make the gift even more special with CEHbyangel gift favor & package!

*All our packages will be hand made to order, beside this, for other options, you could also pick anything from our online shop for a bulk order that compliment your unique needs.

To discuss further corporate options, receive a quote and order please contact us at

Please allow 1-3months lead in time to your event in order to make sure that the entire packages can be created to your satisfaction.

For example:

30+ pcs           - allow 1month in prior

50-100+pcs    - allow 3 months in prior

Simple, standard discounts for large orders and regular customers.

Contact me for your aromatic gift favor/package quote today!

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