It's so easy to make DIY skin care products at home with our natural raw ingredients.

You can find the ingredients here you need to make beautiful body scrubs, face masks, toothpaste, deodorant, body butter and much more.

You may already have an essential oil diffuser in your home, but now you can enjoy oils anytime anywhere with our stylist and functional diffuser jewelry! 

Enjoy the world of DIY, Natropathy & Aromatherapy 

Treat your skin with loving care,

smell the nature to discover yourself

The key to healthy beauty care is to understand what’s really underneath the lid. 

Do you know there are hidden chemicals in many of the beauty products on the market that are harmful to your body?

They can bring negative effects it can have on our skin and health.

You may say you can buy natural or organic products, but you may be aware, the word “natural” used on packaging is not regulated in most countries, meaning that there are no rules around what makes a product “natural”.

So I highly suggested that you still need to go through the ingredients list before buying any of these products, plus you need to be confident that the company selling them has the right ethics.

"Researchers have found 1 of every 8 ingredients used in cosmetics is an industrial chemical.

Many of these were originally created to keep concrete soft, remove grease from auto parts,

and as surfactant paints and inks."

So why not DIY your own personal care?

I found it saves me heaps of dollars and the point is, its chemicals free! It's great to use and create natural skin care products rather than buying the expensive ones. It's so helpful to everyone who wanted to have healthy looking skin without using any chemicals. DIY your own personal cares are so great because you are free to choose the ingredients to use depending on whatever that suits you skin and mood.

For emotional health, I love aromatherapy and I always recommend to my family and friends to it, my daughter and I have been using essential oils all the time and it does helps many of our good night's sleeps or down days.

This alternative treatments are commonly offered in therapeutic practices including massage centres, yoga studios and spas nowadays. It has been proved that using essential oil could bring powerful effects for example improving physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, improving sleep quality and reducing stress.

So, why don't you try?

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Thanks for taking the time to visit CEHbyangel


Thanks for taking the time to visit CEHbyangel

My name is Angel, I am a single mum with a 5 year old daughter.

In 2015 I discovered my passion for beauty, spas, aromatherapy and jewelry making. I found that it was difficult to find diffuser jewelry that was as beautiful and elegant as traditional jewelry, so I finally decided to make my own diffuser necklaces and bracelets for myself and my daughter.


I also started making some DIY personal care products to save money, and I found that it was great for my skin and health,

so I recommended them to my family and friends.

They were so impressed that they encouraged me to start my own business for promoting, helping and educating people about the idea of making and using natural and fragrant products.


I first started online with Ebay and Etsy with only 25 listings of some raw materials for DIY skincare and my handmade diffuser jewelry.

Since my products quickly skyrocketed in popularity,

I substantially increased my product range and my online listings.


It’s taken years to change my career path from being an office lady (before I had my little one), to a part time piano & ballet teacher, and now finally on my desired path of holistic health and healing.


I finished a massage therapy and naturopathy course, while also becoming an Australian qualified spa therapist.

I am currently studying a diploma of beauty therapy, which I’m following with a diploma in personal care formulation next year.

I hope to continue bringing everyone my joys, experiences and knowledge about cosmetic sciences and aromatherapy. 

Keep calm & enjoy the natural world!

Mid 2018

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