Not only a pretty piece of jewelry , but also functional with multi healing properties.

The Idea of CEHbyangel Diffuser Jewelry is a blend of Modern fashion with Traditional Aromatherapy.

One of the most well-studied areas of aroma research is the effect of smell on emotions and mood.  

This close connection between aroma and emotion becomes obvious in our everyday life as certain odors trigger memories or specific feelings. 

One creative, stylish and discrete way to use aromatherapy is with jewelry designed to take a bit of essential oil with you during the day.

            ' A modern, funcy, girly or sophisticated and comfortable necklace that can be paired with anything from casual                  to corporate. So don’t miss our functional and beautiful piece of jewelry for both

              – men, women and children. This is the wonderful treat for yourself or a nice gift for friends or family! '

We hand craft and import the beautiful and unique jewelry for diffusing essential oils.

The diffusing properties of our jewelry allow you to enjoy your favourite essential oil with powerful healing properties.

Affordable, functional and simple. 

Enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy and fashion on the go! 

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